Few words about diet and smoking

Smoking and poor dietary choices also have an adverse effect on overall health and dental health in particular. Tobacco smoke is harmful to the delicate tissues in the mouth, and prolonged exposure can lead to oral cancer. Eating habits that are detrimental to muscle and bone development also have a negative impact on oral health. The link between sugar and cavities has long been known, and the current trend towards healthy eating in schools can only aid in the fight against cavities and gum disease.


A program of oral care is essential to physical and emotional health. Daily brushing and flossing prevents bacterial build-up, also known as plaque, from adhering to teeth and impacting the gum tissue. Not smoking eliminates exposure to known carcinogens. A healthy diet promotes optimum maintenance of muscle, bone, and teeth. Finally, regular dental visits aid in the prevention of gum recession and tooth decay by providing regular in-depth cleaning and assessment. All these factors are vital in establishing and maintaining dental health.

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